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Junk Drawers

Drawer 2:  Strange or interesting websites

Wallypower 118 yacht

Like a stealth bomber for the harbor at Monaco, the Wallypower 118 luxury yacht is so ugly it's gorgeous.  It has the dark threat of a Viking warship, an air of James Bond villany.  It is also superbly crafted from carbon fiber and laminated composite glass and thoroughly techno-modern (with Boffi galley, Gaggenau stove, and Miele fridge).  Powered by three 5,600 hp gas turbines, the Wallypower 118 cruises at 60 knots.  All this for $25 million!  Click on the picture to read more.



Japanese doll

This is a random and utterly beautiful use of flash animation and sound.  It  appears here courtesy of the Toronto-based site of Steven Lerner, known as albinoblacksheep.com                       Drum Machine


It takes a while sometimes to understand why some websites are out there at all.  Consider the case of Davies & Starr.


Charles DarwinWe all have come to love the Darwin Awards.  Now they have an official website:       Darwins


Flying Spaghetti Monster

Intelligent Design theory takes many forms.  Try the one above by clicking on      the Flying Spaghetti Monster!


Don't think you're spending enough on bathroom tissue?           Try a little    light shopping by clicking here   



Shirt and bullets

Attus Apparel in Lexington, Kentucky, sells really-distressed polo shirts (for $100 each) that they hand shoot up using mannequins, shotguns, and pistols.   Check them out here but, last time Rick looked, the shot up shirts were all sold out!


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